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Healthian wants to apply biosignal ASIC technology and IT technology to the medical field to create an environment where more people can use medical services outside the hospital.

Healthrian is a Healthcare Total IT Solution company that aims to provide effective and innovative wearable healthcare services with leading IT technologies.

Based on its high technology, Healthian will try to provide a high-level healthcare service environment that can manage its own health more professionally and effectively.

Healthrian provides services that can easily manage individual medical data for more convenient treatment.


As a research and development company, Healthrian has a service platform, which is based on system and semiconductor design technology for wearable healthcare.

SoC IP Business

We support SoC developments with Healthrian’s own IPs for biosignal sensor SoCs.


Body Impedance Sensor IC

OEM Business

Healthrian can provide custom modules depending on clients’ requirements.


ECG sensor module
1, 6, 12 Lead
Cardiovascular monitoring
medical device
Heart-rate, HRV estimation
Additional algorithm required

BIA (Body Impedance Analysis)

Impedance analyzing module
Bioelectrical impedance measurement
Wellness, medical device
Body composition and EIT (Electrical Impedance Tomography)
Additional algorithm required

Brain Study (EEG, tDCS)

Brain sensign and stimulating technology
EEG measurement while sleeping
Wellness, medical device
ADHD, Psychiatry study
Additional algorithm required

Impedance pulse wave

APW measurement on wrist and ankle.
Cardiovascular monitoring
Wellness, medical device
Heart-rate, HRV estimation
Blood pressure algorithm required

Blood Glucose

Non-invasive glucose measurement module
Multi-modal signal measurement
BIS, NIRS application
Additional algorithm required


EMG mesurement module
Muscular fatigue level measurement
Wellness, medical device
Recovering from muscular fatigue
Additional algorithm requied

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