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Healthrian aims to create an environment where people can easily access medical services outside the hospital. By applying Healthrian’s biosignal sensor and information technology to the medical field, we can make that a reality.


Healthrian provides personalized healthcare service environments for people via Healthiran’s semiconductor design technology for biosignal sensors. As Healthrian is capable of optimizing and developing semiconductors, Healthrian is able to develop compact and high-spec wearable devices allowing people to monitor and record their biosignals in their daily lives.


To provide an environment where everyone can receive effective and convenient medical treatment, Healthrian provides services that allow easy management of medical data.


To ensure that everyone has access to essential health care services, Healthrian develops AI-enabled biosignal interpretation algorithms that enable easy access to healthcare.


ECG that you manage yourself.

 Are you worried that there is something wrong with your heart when you feel chest pain? Cardiac events that come and go without warning.

You can record your own ECG without going to the hospital. When you have symptoms, record your ECG with just one click.

Record your ECG with your daily life.

ECGs recorded during your daily routine are more meaningful than ECGs recorded in controlled settings.

   With one touch, conveniently record what you did and what symptoms you felt while recording your ECG.

Various ways to utilize self-recorded ECGs

 Record your ECGs during your daily activities and bring them with you when you visit your cardiologist. Use them for your treatment.

Print your ECG as a pdf/paper to help your cardiologist diagnosis your condition.


Technology that allows you to manage your own ECG data

 Healthrian is working hard to remove barriers for those who find medical devices difficult and cumbersome to use, so anyone can use them easily.

– Platform technology that allows self-recorded biological data to be used for treatments

– A service that helps me achieve personal medical data sovereignty, allowing me to own my own data

Compact and light, but contains powerful technology that enhances performance

 As we design biosignal ASIC semiconductors, we are able to develop smaller and lighter products while maintaining the required specifications for medical devices.

(Development of cardiovascular monitoring chips (AP1601) for wearable healthcare devices and ASIC body impedance analysis chips (BIA chip) for body composition analyzers)

Technology that allows users to use their ECG data efficiently

Healthrian’s AI algorithm provides ECG beat/rhythm analysis, enabling people to check their ECG analysis results immediately.