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We develop and provide wearable medical devices and personal health management services
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Healthcare SoC

Biosignal sensor circuit
Biosignal processing algorithm
Low-power circuit technique

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Wearable electronics
Fabric electrode
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Bigdata analysis technique
Healthcare network
Personalized healthcare service

About Us

Total IT Solution for Healthy Life
Mobile Healthcare Innovation

Healthrian® is a total IT solution company that  started in 2012, KAIST lab. We aim to provide more effective and innovative healthcare service with leading IT technologies. Healthrian® is a young company, moving toward the tomorrow and constantly strive to create future value. We are just a start-up company, but making outstanding achievement in the medical IT market such as signing a technology development and investment contract with Buchang Group. This year, our company signed a supply contract with Chinese pharmaceutical company, preparing Chinese market entry to grow global company.


Healthrian studies tomorrow's human-centered technology

Teahwan Roh

2014. 08. KAIST EE Ph. D.

Wearable nweuro-feedback system for mental healthcare
Low-power Wearable Healthcare Platform
Bio Signal Processing Algorithm
Digital Circuit Design
ISSCC(International Solid-State Circuit Conference) 2011, 2013

Kiseok Song

2015. 02. KAIST EE Ph. D.

Multi-mode biosignal simulator with feedback for wearable healthcare applications
High Performance Wearable Healthcare Chip
Bio Signal Sensor and Electrical Stimulator
Analog Circuit Design
ISSCC 2011. 2012
Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award 2014

Youngho Choi

Team Manager

R&D Center

Hyunjune Kim

Team Manager
Santa Clara Univ. BE M.S.

R&D Center

Youngjun Kim


R&D Center

Jing Xie

Management Support

Jungmin Lee

Paderborn Univ. ANSE M.S.

R&D Center

Dongyoung Kim

Team Manager
Fachhochschule Potsdam, Design MA.

Product Design Team

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